Sex toys are great to own. You build a personal connection with them. But as there is an expiry time for everything, what about your good-looking little friend. When do you have to replace it? Even if there is an expiry or not? There are so many questions that need to be answered. So, In this blog, we will cover every question related to your sex toy life span.

There is no fixed expiry time for a dildo or sex toy. It depends on many factors like material, your cleaning routine, how you store it, and so on. So, first, let’s cover the signs that show that it is time to invest in a new sex toy.

Signs that your sex toy is expired:

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1. You can notice openings in your sex toy

If you can notice any cuts, nicks, holes, or some other type of physical defective sign then you should think about changing this sex toy. Because these cuts or openings give bacteria a safe hiding place that can lead to some serious issues. These openings give a very easy entry point to bacteria inside your body.

2. It starts to shape-shift

When your sex toy starts to shape-shift then it is a sign of a change. This generally happens due to a high temperature. Some people have reported that their jelly sex toy is melting and literally changing its shape. If this is the case then your toy should not be allowed to touch the sensitive area of your body. Immediately replace it.

3. Dullness in color

If your toy is fading and losing its color then it is a point to think about. Your sex toy is getting dull that does not mean only that it is getting less attractive. It also means that the sex toy material is fading too. The eroding material can accumulate fissures, even when you can’t see them. That means it can trap bacteria inside and lead it inside your body.

4. The motor has some issues

If you have a sex toy that is operated by a motor, like a vibrator or a masturbator. Then the motor needs to be checked. If your sex toy stops listening to you and starts functioning by itself like it has its own brain then that means the motor has gone. It does not have any big potential harm, but it can be less effective. So, go and invest in something new.

5. Need to check its material small lifespan

How long your sex toy will go, also depends on the material your sex toy is made of. If it is made up of jelly or rubber then it will last for 1 to 2 years if you are lucky, no matter how good you take care of them. But if you have a dildo made of stainless steel or glass then it can go a lifetime. So, the material of your sex toy plays a very important role in deciding your sex toy life.

You may be thinking that what about the other sex toy materials. So, I am putting an approx lifespan data of all the popular sex toy materials. This will help you decide your sex toy material lifespan.

MaterialAverage Lifespan
Jelly6 Months
Rubber1.5 years
GlassLifetime (If you don’t break it)
Stainless steelLifetime
Realskin5 years

Ways to improve your sex toy life span:

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We have talked about the signs that show that it is time to buy a new sex toy. But what are the things you can do to increase your sex toy lifespan? So, you can save some of your money and invest it somewhere else.

1. Proper cleaning before and after use

The most important thing you can do to make your sex toy last longer is properly clean it. Properly clean it before and after every use. This makes sure that your toy does not have any bacteria on it. This helps your toy to live a longer life.

You can soap wash your sex toy, boil it, or use a good quality sex toy cleaner. After cleaning it properly wipe off the extra water with dry clothe.

2. Storing your sex toy properly

The second important thing to take care of is storing the sex toy. Try to store it in a place where it is safe from dust, and stored at an ideal temperature. And yes, check that it is also safe from rats because one of my toys was eaten by them. 😡

To store your sex toy I will suggest you a good quality sex toy storage box. It keeps your toy safe from dust and rats.

If you want my suggestion then I will suggest Sugar Sak Anti-Bacterial Toy Bag as an affordable option and B-Vibe UV Sterilizer Pouch as an premium option.

3. Using the right lube or product with your sex toy

While adding something extra to your sex toy to improve your pleasing experience, make sure that it is the right product. If you are using lube then never use silicone lube with a silicone-made sex toy. This will degrade your sex toy material and damage it. So, water-based lube is the best option because it goes with everything.

4. Do not take a non-waterproof toy in the shower

This is also a very important point to keep in mind. Never take a sex toy in your shower that says that it is not waterproof. This can damage your toy and you have to buy a new one before time.

So, keep these some points in mind, and this can make your sex toy live longer.

Sam Kryplone

Sam Kryplone is a well know adult blogger. He got a good experience with the sex and relationship topic. And here he is sharing the golden experience he got with the sex toys here. The blog written by him is all based on his own experience and deep research.

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