If you have spent some time in the online or offline adult market then you may have noticed that most of the dildos are circumcised in look. There are very fewer chances that you have seen any uncircumcised dildo till now. And if you have seen then the number would be negligible.

So, why is this so that most of the dildos are circumcised in the adult market? There should be some reason that this is going on for years.

There is not any proper reason why this is so. But there are theories that explain why most of the dildos are circumcised.

Theory 1:

The dildo industry boomed in the USA for the first time. The production of dildos started there at the started. And most men in the USA are circumcised. So, the didos made there was the replica of an erect American penis. It is given such shape because the women in the USA are familiar with this shape.

Note: The trend of circumcision is decreasing with time in the USA. According to a CDC report the trend of circumcision in the USA has decreased by 10% from 1979 to 2010. So, the demand for the uncircumcised dildos is increasing day by day.

Theory 2:

The making of an uncircumcised dildo requires extra material and extra time. The detailing of the foreskin needs some serious attention. And if someone wants to include the natural sliding feature of a foreskin in a dildo then this will further increase the production cost.

Due to this, it was easy to make a circumcised dildo at the start because the technology was not that advanced at the time. So, this made the production of circumcised dildos higher. And now the result is in front of you, most dildos you see are circumcised.

Theory 3:

The circumcised dildos look clean, simple, and strong. Your opinion could be different. But most of the women agree with the line. Dildos are made to please women. And this is why most of the dildos are designed to look more strong and wild.

So, above are all the three theories that are being stated when it is being asked why most of the dildos are circumcised in the adult market. But this does not mean that uncircumcised dildos do not exist at all. In fact, there are some great-looking uncircumcised dildos available, out of which some feature sliding foreskin that feels very real.

Do circumcised feel better than uncircumcised?

woman feeling better

It does not have an exact answer. The answer varies from person to person. Some women find it more pleasing and some say that uncircumcised is better. So, there is a mixed opinion. But, there is one sure thing, there is a difference. There is a difference between what you feel with a circumcised and an uncircumcised. Next, it is up to you whether you like it or not.

This surely means that you can’t say whether it is good or bad. You have to try it by yourself. So, go and find a great uncircumcised dildo, experience it and then observe the difference.

Why should you try an uncircumcised dildo?

You must try an uncircumcised dildo because the experience you get from here is very different from a circumcised one. While having sex with an uncircumcised penis, the extra foreskin works as a clitoral stimulator. The foreskin rollover when being inserted inside the vagina and this provide extra pleasing friction to the vaginal wall.

This makes your insertion extra smooth and pleasing. So, no doubt the feeling is different from the circumcised one. So, to experience that you must try it.

Where to buy an uncircumcised dildo?

It is already mentioned in the blog title that there are very few options available for an uncircumcised dildo. So, if you can find one in the offline market then that’s great. And if you are searching for it in the online market then I can be more helpful.

I have picked some great uncircumcised dildos for you that are worth trying. To buy one you must check our Best uncircumcised dildo blog. I am damn sure that you will love the collection.

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