Size doesn’t matter. I am sure you have heard the line. It is very popular. But why do women buy dildos that are bigger than an average penis size? Why do they prefer a bigger dildo to a smaller one? The average dildo size that is mostly sold in the market is 6 to 7 inches which is slightly greater than the average penis size (5.2 inches).

So, what should you conclude about this?

Let me explain fast, Most women buy a dildo slightly bigger in size than an average penis because they need to grab it. They buy a bigger dildo so they can grab it properly to please themselves. Dildos are also being used for clitoral stimulation. So, there is so much use for a big dildo.

But is this just the end of my answer? No, it is a quick overview what is the reason. But there is, even more, to know about this question. Let me explain everything in detail about why women buy a bigger dildo. And should you be concerned about it?

Reasons why women buy big sized dildos:

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You may have seen many women buying big sized dildos than the average penis. Or, you may get this question in mind by looking at the big dongs on an adult shopping site. And it is true that they do buy big-sized dildos.

So, to get the real reason I have joined some public groups and started asking this question to women present there. And I got some interesting reasons why they do so. Those places are perfect to ask this question because there they were anonymous and so answer frankly.

Let me mention the reasons I got answered by them why women buy big-sized dildos at most.

1. Big dildos provide a better grip

This was the most common reason why women buy big-sized dildos. Dildos are not attached to the human body, you agree…right? So, the women need some handle to grab that. A big dildo is easy to grip and handle. So, this is why they buy a big-sized dildo so they and use it properly and maneuver it easily.

2. Some women love the filling sensation

Some women said that they love the feeling of getting filled. And a big-sized dildo helps in that. But does that mean that they wish for such a big-sized penis too? No…in fact, some women reported that a big-sized penis is painful. So, as they see an overly sized penis, it looks good but the second thought that comes to mind is “ouch”.

So, if you are close to 5 inches then it is more than enough to make most women happy. According to a survey of 100 women who had never been pregnant, the average size of an unstimulated vagina ranges from 2.75 inches to 3.25 inches, and an aroused vagina increases to 4.25 inches to 4.75 inches. When a woman gets aroused then due to blood flow vagina gets flexible to take any shape as required.

So, what is this irony?…they want a big-sized dildo but not a big-sized penis. 😕

This is because a dildo is in their control, so, they can use it as needed. They can stop immediately as it starts to hurt. But when it comes to a man having that sized thing, then the situation is different. They have not the whole control.

And you already know that when a man gets excited what can be the situation. It can be very painful. So, having an average-sized penis is a good thing. This will not scare women.

3. Dildos are also being used for clitoral stimulation

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In many surveys, it is found that almost 70% of women need clitoral stimulation to orgasm. And big dildos can give a good clitoral stimulation. This is one of the reasons why women buy a big dildo because they massage their clitoris with them. A good clitoral massage led to a good orgasm.

4. Big dildos are generally bought for pegging

Normal women don’t buy giant dildos. They generally buy dildos ranging from 6 inches to 7 inches (5.5 inches insertable generally). The other big boys are mostly bought by gay couples for anal play or pegging. And this was a common statement given by some physical adult toy shop workers on Quora and some other forums and groups. They have a good experience with the selling So, they are the right person for this question.

So, I hope you got your answer why the women buy a big dildos and what is the reason why dildos are big in size. Although there are many small variants of dildos available in the market too. But men get jealous of those big boys.

But as the reasons end, you get left out with some more questions. Let me answer those questions too, so, you don’t get left out with any doubt.

Does size really matter for women?

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Size matters, but not in a way you think. Because if I say that it don’t matters then the statement will not be correct. You need a bit of the thing to play with. But you don’t need to be gigantic. That is also not good. Many women had stated that a big penis hurts and they try to avoid sex with such penises.

So, what should be the idea size to be happy about. If you have penis having errect length more than 4.2 inches then it is enough. You have other assets to use to please a woman. Use them. Always remember that it is not about the boat, it is about the pilot. So, be a good pilot and forget about the boat.

Does it mean that the dildos are replacing men?

Dildos are awesome tool, not your enemy. And it depends on you that how you use a tool. There is a huge orgasm gap between a man and a woman. And these sex toys can help you to fill that gap. In fact, you can use sex toys in your favor. A dildo can never replace a man because it can just penetrate. It can’t produce those emotions and the chemistry you build while having sex. Couples can use these sex toys to have a better sex.

While having sex, you have many assets other than your penis. And when you combine those all, it becomes a irresistible weapon. You can make any woman happy and this can never be achieved by a dildo.

Sam Kryplone

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