Relationships are like a rollercoaster ride; they are full of ups and downs. At the start of a relationship, you are filled with excitement, passion, and optimism. Everything seems perfect, and the future appears bright. However, over time, the spark starts to fade, and the excitement is replaced with familiarity. Disagreements and arguments arise, and the once-perfect relationship becomes a source of frustration and disappointment.

Why is it that relationships always seem better in the beginning? This is a question that many people ask themselves at some point in their romantic journey. It is a common phenomenon that relationships tend to lose their lustre over time, and it can leave people feeling confused and wondering what went wrong.

In this blog post, we will explore the reasons why relationships often seem better in the beginning. We will delve into the psychological factors that contribute to the honeymoon phase, and why it is difficult to maintain that level of passion and excitement over the long term.

1. The Unknown Excites Us

unknown excite us

When we first start dating someone, there’s a world of unknowns. We don’t know everything about them, and that excites us. We’re eager to learn more and discover what makes them tick. We ask questions, we listen to their stories, and we share our own. It’s a time of discovery, and that’s exhilarating.

But over time, we start to learn more and more about our partner. We may start to take them for granted or feel like we know everything there is to know.

We all want to learn something, to be surprised and delighted by what we find. We want to learn about the other person’s interests, their quirks, and experiences. This excitement during the early stages of a relationship can play a large role in our emotions, how connected we feel to the person, and how comfortable we are opening up.

When we don’t know someone yet, all of the possibilities are still there and that can be a great feeling. In some cases, knowing too much can be detrimental because it can decrease the allure of the other person. Even if we become familiar with all the details of someone’s life, there is still something special about the beginning of a relationship that draws us in and captivates us. We may never truly find out why relationships are so exciting in the early stages, but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy it while it lasts.

2. We Put in More Effort

In the beginning, we want to impress our partner. We dress up, we make an effort to look good, and we plan special dates. We want to show them that we care and that we’re willing to put in the effort to make them happy. But as time goes on, we may start to get lazy. We may stop putting in the effort to look good or plan special dates.

We are willing to go the extra mile, make a bigger effort, and show our partners that we care. We make more time for date nights and other activities, we take the initiative to plan things, and we make a conscious effort to show our appreciation for our partners. Even if it’s simply a gesture such as sending them a text throughout the day or buying them a small gift, these things let our partners know that we genuinely care.

As relationships progress, it’s normal that things become more routine and comfortable, but it’s important to continue to put effort into your relationship. Putting in effort doesn’t have to be grand gestures all the time, but it is important to be intentional about expressing your love and appreciation for your partner in little ways. Doing so helps keep the fire alive and ensures that both parties are getting what they need out of the relationship.

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3. We’re More Forgiving

forgive partner

In the beginning of any relationship, we’re willing to overlook small things that may bother us. We’re more forgiving of our partner’s flaws because we’re so focused on the good. We’re willing to compromise at the beginning. We work through issues because we want the relationship to work. But over time, we may become less forgiving. We may start to nitpick and focus on the negative.

As time goes on, though, we become more and more aware of the ways our partner falls short. This can lead to disappointment and frustration and cause us to be less forgiving and more critical. We may no longer give our partner that same level of understanding or patience that were previously afforded, and this can create a divide in the relationship.

4. We Communicate Better

communicate couple

At the start of any relationship, it is natural for both partners to be excited and invested in getting to know one another. During this phase, communication is often open and frequent, with both partners eager to learn about one another and share intimate details about their lives. This connection can make it feel like the relationship is on a higher level, which can be an exciting feeling for both parties.

Once the initial honeymoon period of the relationship is over, it’s not uncommon for couples to begin communicating less frequently. This could be due to changes in work lives, lack of shared interests, or other issues that can arise during a long-term relationship. Couples may also get so comfortable with each other that they start taking their conversations for granted, leading to fewer meaningful discussions between them.

5. The Honeymoon Phase

honeymoon phase

The honeymoon phase is a real thing, and it’s one of the reasons why relationships are always better in the beginning. During this initial stage, we’re on our best behavior, showering our partner with affection and attention. It’s easy to feel loved and appreciated when everything is new and exciting.

6. The Absence Of Routine

As relationships progress, routine sets in. We start to fall into patterns and habits, and the spontaneity of the early days can feel like a distant memory. This can make it harder to feel connected and engaged with our partner.

7. The Lack Of Baggage

At the beginning of a relationship, we’re blissfully unaware of any baggage our partner may be carrying. We haven’t had time to argue or disagree yet, so there’s no resentment or hurt feelings to overcome. As time goes on, however, these issues can start to pile up, making it harder to maintain a strong connection.

8. The Chemicals

There is a scientific explanation for why relationships are always better in the beginning. When we meet someone new, our brains release a flood of chemicals, including dopamine and oxytocin. These chemicals create feelings of euphoria, pleasure, and happiness that can be addictive. As the relationship progresses, these chemicals begin to fade, and reality sets in.

9. The Future Possibilities Seems Endless

endless future

When relationships are new, both parties are putting their best efforts to make it work. They are trying to make each other feel special and appreciated. This leads to more positive interactions and stronger feelings of connection. It can feel like there is no limit to the love that can be shared between two people.

The possibilities of what can happen in the future are exciting and inviting because they have yet to be explored or determined. Anything is possible and that makes it even more special. With the future so unclear, it can create a strong desire to make things work so that you can stay together and explore what could be.

In the early stages of a relationship, it is easy for two people to become consumed with exploring each other and the possibilities of what could be in the future. If a relationship is able to maintain its spark over time, then it can move into a deeper place of security and understanding, which can be very fulfilling in its own way.

10. Ignorance


At the beginning of a relationship, two people may not know each other very well yet. This lack of knowledge can lead to unrealistic expectations and an inability to accurately assess the strength of their connection.

When it comes to relationships, there is often a honeymoon period in the beginning that was already discussed earlier in this blog where everything seems perfect, and there is no better feeling than that. But why is that? One explanation is known as the “Ignorance Effect.” This effect occurs because when a relationship starts, we don’t know each other very well yet, and so the flaws or imperfections of our partner are often overlooked or ignored.

We may idealize or romanticize our partners since we don’t have a full picture of who they are yet. This leads to a feeling of bliss and eases in the relationship, which unfortunately fades away as the reality of our partner’s imperfections starts to become more clear. So if you find yourself yearning to get back to the early days of your relationship, remember that it may not be realistic and that the Ignorance Effect may have been playing a part.

11. Lack of Conflicts

lack of conflicts

Many people find that their relationships are much better in the beginning. This is often because there aren’t as many conflicts to deal with. When a relationship is new, it can often be easier to avoid disagreements or arguments as both people may be unfamiliar with the other’s behavior and preferences. Furthermore, when showing affection, one might be more likely to overlook things that they wouldn’t traditionally be okay with later down the road.

At the beginning of a relationship, it’s also common for most people to put their best foot forward in order to make the other person happy. This usually involves expressing a lot of patience, understanding, and acceptance. As time passes, it can be much more difficult to maintain that same level of understanding since you may have gotten used to each other and developed a certain level of comfort.

For many couples, this is also the period in which they are most excited about building a future together, and so they might look to do activities that make them both happy. This often fosters a strong connection between the two people, which can help create a foundation for the relationship to grow.

The lack of conflicts in the beginning is a major factor in why relationships tend to be better at this stage. However, it is important to note that conflicts are not inherently bad, and can actually lead to a stronger bond and healthier relationship when handled in the right way.

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